You probably want to find out more about websites or graphic designs

This is probably not your first website design company you are looking at for a solution for your next website, related services or graphic design. Quotes you receive will probably range from between R 4 000 and R 60 000. And they all do the same thing. Or charge a thousand or more bucks for a logo and something else. Over the years we have developed our own unique style and have been exposed to a variety of different design formats from the basic letterhead, business card and pamphlet to book covers, magazines, outdoor advertising, vehicle branding, packaging, newspaper and magazine adverts, logos, popup banners, branding, website graphic and more. We provide a cost effective design studio where we beliewe, as with our websites, you get much more value for your money compared to the market trend.

The problem out there in the website and hosting market

If you are a novice in this area, you could be lekka confused trying to understand all the different options and the what's and what not's. Probably ending up paying more due to your lack of knowledge - all because you have to make all the decisions. Option A, B or C. You have to decide with the little knowledge you have on the product you think is right for you only to find out afterwards that you probably have to upgrade or acquire more of this or that.

Then you end up doing your own website because you could have your website up and running in a few minutes and it is sooo cheap. You can even make all the changes to your contents they advertise.

How Biographix can help you

Since the late 1990's we have been involved in the development and hosting of hundreds of websites. This is our full time trade, not something we do on the sideline. You can rest assure that we have the know-how, experience, capabilities and provide effective support to manage your website and email hosting.

You'll find our fee structure very attractive and probably unbeatable.

Below are some of our regular options and requested services to give you some good background

Comprehensive Website Package
Basic Website Package
Revamping your Website
Webmaster Service

About this option

Who should consider this option?

  • Clients who need someone to take care of all aspects concerning a new website and emails or get their current website sorted out.
  • Schools and churches that need someone to help them get their site functional and regularly updated.
  • Clients who needs to revamp their site.
  • Clients that cannot get hold of their current webmaster and want to move to a reliable hosting and service platform.
  • Webmasters who wants to outsource their project.

Our most popular option.

  • You pay a fixed annual or monthly fee which includes a retainer fee for website updates and maintenance
  • We develop, maintain your site, provide the hosting for your website and emails.

What do you get?

  • Domain registration or transfer of current domain
  • Annual domain renewal fees
  • Email(s) setup / support (remote setup and support included)
  • Website planning and development
  • Website graphics included (Your new logo, CI is also included)
  • Website hosting and traffic to and from your website
  • Firewall security (Professional subscription services)
  • Basic SEO, keyword analysis and initial optimization. (Google ranking)
  • Backup of your site up to two weeks
  • Monthly newsletter (on request)
  • 2 hours maintenance per month (valued @ R 770/month)
  • Website statistics (on request)
  • Free advertising on : (In excess of 1.6 million hits and 75 000 visitors in 2013)

Optional services available but not automatically included

  • Ongoing Monthly SEO, keyword analysis optimization
  • Professional video for your website
  • Photo shoot for your website
  • Professional content writing
  • Research (information collection)

Why should you consider this option?

  • Comparing the value you receive for the price you pay and quality work we put into your website - we think this is one of the best deals around.
  • When you compare our fee take in consideration what we offer; Let's summarize; Website development + annual hosting, emails and domain registration + remote support + SEO & firewall subscription services + 2 hours maintenance per month (worth R 770pm) + advertising (worth at least R 250 per month.)
  • Reliable website hosting : We host all our websites in SA, thus ensuring your visitors get the best browsing experience.

Is there an initial amount payable? : In certain scenarios we may require a deposit
Are there any additional or hidden costs? : No
If I take the monthly option - how long is this amount payable for? : For 12 months
What happens after that? : According to the consumer act, your contract is changed to a monthly based contract.
Is this amount payable adjusted? : Everything is based on the maintenance required or changes made to your website the past 12 months. We do not however automatically adjust the fees up or down. but on renewal of your domain name, we take these in consideration and we are open for discussions on the retainer fee.
Can I change my options at any time? : Yes you can, you may however be required to settle costs incurred for work delivered.
What happens if I exceed this 2 hours allocated time? : Under normal circumstances, this will not be a problem. When it does become a problem is when you e.g. require us to do 5 hours work. Normal updates and addition to websites which takes us 10 - 15 minutes at a time is easier to plan for as it is to plan for a couple of hours. If you sometimes do exceed your time with more regular updates as mentioned, we will not blink an eye.:)
What happens if I want to exclude the maintenance or retainer fee? : No problem at all, we simply adjust our quote and once we go live with your website, changes or updates to your website are done and charged on an ad-hoc basis. Some services normally included in our comprehensive fee, is also excluded.
But what about the disk space, number of emails accounts and traffic allocation, you know, all that technical stuff other oke's advertise on their websites? : Not to worry, it's taken care of. We've managed hundreds of websites since the late 1990's and we have a good idea what is required.
Can you guarantee that my page will rank tops in Google? : No we cannot. In fact no one can. There are many factors that has an influence on these results. We use specialized software to optimise and research the best possible keywords for you.If this is crucial for you, we could get a quote from a specialist to assist with this.
Do you get good results with your SEO? Yes we do! Many of our sites has or do appear on the first or second page of Google.

Is it possible for a website to bring in a good money or attract many visitors? : Yes it is, all depends on what your website has to offer, how many people search for your product or service on a monthly basis, competition for similar products or services. And maybe the most important factor - your own involvement and commitment to advertise your site through as many media channels as possible.

Get your business online and brand your company

  • Another great idea is to register (secure) your domain name (e.g. and start using the emails.
  • For personal purposes using free email services is not a bad idee, but when you are running a business, this is something to really consider.

How do we spice it up?

  • We register a domain name and create your required email address(es).
  • We create the front page of your website and add include an online contact us form.
  • We create your corporate identity (new logo)
  • Include the website hosting and traffic to and from your website
  • Include firewall security (Professional subscription services)
  • Include SEO, keyword analysis, optimization and SEO subscription services. (Google ranking)
  • We Provide a backup of your website for up to two weeks
  • We give you free advertising on :

Optional services available but not automatically included

  • Ongoing Monthly SEO, keyword analysis optimization
  • Professional video for your website
  • Photo shoot for your website
  • Professional content writing
  • Research (information collection)


What if I want to expand my website? : We give you credit for payments made and change your options according to your new requirements.

Why should you consider this option?

  • For the price you are going to pay you'll agree this is an awesome deal.:)
  • Some value addons applied to the comprehensive website deal are also included here.
  • This is the easiest way to get yourself branded on the internet.

This could be the situation

  • Your current webmaster is no longer in service and you need to revamp your site.
  • Or you have your hosting in place but need someone to revamp your current site.
  • The quote(s) you have received is not within your budget.

How can we help you?

Option 1 - You transfer your website (domain) to our administrative control

  • We will provide you with a quote based on the option you choose or your request.
  • We provide you with our graphic design of the proposed website layout and once approved we will start to create your new site.
  • Once we come close to going live with your new site, we will start the transferring process of your domain to our control.
  • Once the transfer is complete your new site will be active.

Option 2 - We revamp your site on your current hosting provider

  • As long as your current hosting company make provision for all the required components, we can revamp wherever you require us to do.
  • We will develope the site on a temporarily server and once you are happy transfer the database and files to your current hosting company.

Optional services available but not automatically included

  • Ongoing Monthly SEO, keyword analysis optimization
  • Professional video for your website
  • Photo shoot for your website
  • Professional content writing
  • Research (information collection)


Who becomes the owner of the domain? : We register you as the owner and we become the domain's administrative contact.

How long does this domain transfer process takes? : It largely depends which ISP your previous webmaster used, if he is still around to receive the transfer tickets and also if the domain is registered in SA or not.

Will my website be offline during the transferring period? : It depends on you, but normally we try to do the transfer once your new website is ready.

What happens to my email accounts? : We create your new email account(s) in advance and provide you with the new passwords and setup instructions. Once your site is transferred your new domain's email accounts will receive the email without interruption.

What happens if we experience problems with the domain transfer? : We can redirect your site to the new domain's URL untill it is solved.

Who could use this service?

  • Clients who want to develope their own websites, but need a hand from someone to get them started.This might include registering the domain and setup of emails, extract the website and prepare the database and preparing the website's components etc.
  • Webmasters who wants a custom template designed.
  • Webmasters who want to host their clients sites.
  • Webmasters who requires us to help them with a client site.
  • Coders who need good affordable graphics and website designs or website designers for their websites.

How does this work?

  • You provide us with the information on what you want us to do and we will provide you with the solution.

What don't we do?

  • We are not coders and do not develope custom components.
  • We do not provide training, we jump in and get you sorted when you get stuck.

What makes you different from dealing directly with a hosting company?

We would like to say that we're nice people to know, but the core business of a hosting company is to support their products or hosting environment, not the actual development of a website. They provide the tools to do it, and we help you use and maximize those tools.