Domain registration only

Ideal for : A startup who wants to reserve his domain name for later use.

Choose from a variety domain extensions types

Domain registration and email hosting

Ideal for : A new startup to use branded email addresses and receive support.

We'll add a basic landing page with your logo and contact details for free.

BASIC Website
hosting + webmaster service

Ideal for : Clients wanting to develop their own website but need assistance in preparing the website, forms and security.

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domain types R 124
.capetown R 334 R 124
.africa R 424
.com R 234
.durban R 284
.org R 294
.joburg R 284
.cc R 624
,mobi R 434
.tv R 724
R 194
.net R 294
.co R 544 R 424 (2 yrs)
.net R 294
.biz R 384
.info R 394